My passion is to photograph honest moments in the most aesthetically beautiful way possible. The aim is to capture the milliseconds between the beats where people are spontaneous and relaxed in themselves.


I am a freelance wedding photographer and actor raised in Stockholm who has lived in London for the past six years. During this period I have participated in over 30 weddings, in addition to my commercial jobs for IKEA, Cafe Opera, Relief Care Uganda and the Christmas Gala.


I also have a hunger to confront new challenging photo situations and fearlessly pursue creative solutions, which allows me to capture the fleeting magic during the day. My background as an actor has also developed my understanding of working in front of the camera, which helps me bring out those classic couple-portrait sessions with genuine, relaxed emotion. All in all, I work to have fun and to partake in your magical day.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.